iSpindel Set

51,89 Euro
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51,89 Euro

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A hint on your own behalf:
Until the middle of next year I will sell the iSpindel project, as I will personally reorient myself. At the moment I'm collecting the requests and will be taking them out. It is important to me that the project is continued in my sense.
If you are interested in this successful project I would be pleased if you send me an email to sell@3d-mechatronics.de
Of course, my attitude to privacy (no cookies, etc.) also applies to the sale of the project, i.e. 100% no customer data are sold, I guarantee you.
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This item is unfortunately sold out.
However, the iSpindle version PCB1 is still available.
The offer was temporarily extended by a solder and flash service.

The following links will lead you to the new iSpindle version:
Hardware only
iSpindle soldered
iSpindle flashed
iSpindle soldered and flashed